Conversational AI Chatbot Showcase

OpenAI says new ChatGPT Enterprise chatbot is its most powerful yet Chatbots can make it easier for customers to receive help, no matter what device they’re using. Customer history is saved across devices, so customers who start on desktop and switch to mobile don’t need to state their questions all over again. Not only can […]

7 Ways to Use Chat Bots to Elevate #HR

The Future of Recruitment Where Tech and Emotions Meet The company is also working on building a bot on top of its intranet so employees can ask digital assistant simple questions, such as what’s for lunch at the cafe. Of course, ChatGPT is not necessarily a silver bullet to your productivity and staffing problems and […]

AI Training Data: Where Can You Get Data For Machine Learning?

To stop the custom-trained AI chatbot, press “Ctrl + C” in the Terminal window. This is meant for creating a simple UI to interact with the trained AI chatbot. We are now done installing all the required libraries to train an AI chatbot. It allows the LLM to connect to the external data that is our […]

What is Natural Language Processing? Knowledge

Fun With NLP Natural Language Processing SPG Blog SpaCy is a powerful library for natural language understanding and information extraction. This is usually done by feeding the data into a machine learning algorithm, such as a deep learning neural network. The algorithm then learns how to classify text, extract meaning, and generate insights. Typically, the […]